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Mr. dipl.-ing.(fh), architect, peter femboeck, born in Austria, studied architecture and interior design in Regensburg / Germany at the university of applied sciences. His degree dissertation was about “historical building research and building material recycling”.

He founded his own architecture firm in 1997 in Regensburg with branch offices in Suenching / Upper Palatinate and Burghausen / Bavaria.

Due to his chemistry background he was in charge of vast projects for the chemical industry.

Mr. femboeck built public schools, detached houses, apartment buildings and plenty of passive houses in Austria and Bavaria.

Deepening his knowledge about passive houses at the Linz “Passivhaus Cluster” / Austria created in him a “holistic point of view” for architecture and interior design.

Geomancy was part of almost every project he implemented in Germany and Austria.

In 2007 he received a letter of inquiry from Modern Group / Beijing / China, to take over the technical engineering leadership for one of China’s most ambitious resource saving residential projects: Modern MOMA. The project was accomplished in 2008 for the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Mr. peter femboeck held plenty of speeches and seminars all over China at different universities (Beijing, Jinan, Chengdu, Shanghai) about green building design and technology.

As technical director at SIP (Shanghai) he overviewed all technical engineering for more than 100 projects all over China, inter alia design- and approval management for 6 pavilions for the 2010 EXPO in shanghai.

Mr. George Grigorian (Donald Trump’s main interior designer for high profile residential and hotel projects), founder of GDG (Grigorian Design Group, New York / Shanghai / Xiamen / Shenzhen), engaged mr. femboeck for high end residential and retail projects in China for architecture and interior design; they worked together for more than two years before mr. Grigorian retired.

It was just a matter of time and needed China experience to found an own studio in 2013 in Shanghai.

Mr. dipl.-ing.(fh), architect, peter femboeck designs holistic architecture and interior design projects all over China.

  • Hauptstraße 3, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck, Deutschland

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